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Construction workers are often in situations that put them at risk for serious or fatal injury, from working high off the ground, to using potentially dangerous machinery and being exposed to toxic substances. When injuries do occur, victims are put into a financial crisis because of mounting medical bills and not being able to go to work to continue earning money. Our Hillsboro construction accident attorneys understand what construction accident victims go through and the damages they have to deal with. If your injury was the result of the negligence of a third party that is not your employer, you may be able to file a lawsuit to obtain compensation. Our construction attorneys can represent you through the entire legal process, fighting for the compensation you need to be able to move forward after a serious injury.

We take cases involving construction accidents at construction projects and sites throughout the Hillsboro, Oregon area. To find out if we can pursue compensation on your behalf, contact us right away for a free, no-obligation legal consultation. At Rizk Law, you will not be charged any costs or fees unless you are compensated at the end of the legal process. Learn more about what some of our satisfied clients have said about us.

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Examples of Construction Accident Injuries in Hillsboro, OR

There are so many ways for a construction worker to get hurt on the job. Some of the accidents that cause injuries to construction workers include:

Electrocution Accidents

Workers are often in situations where they are near high-voltage equipment or power sources that can cause serious or fatal injury if workers are exposed to electric current. This could include exposed wiring, power lines, improperly maintained extension cords, overloaded outlets, static discharge and other equipment. If a third party failed to repair or properly maintain equipment, workers could be in serious danger.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

There are a variety of vehicles that are used on construction sites, from large trucks to bulldozers, cranes, trenchers, excavators, and motor graders and smaller vehicles, such as passenger vehicles or vans. Workers can get run over, backed into, hit by moving parts or having something fall on them because it came loose from a vehicle or piece of equipment.

Workers could even get injured by drivers who are passing through or near a construction site and are being reckless and not paying attention. If a worker is out driving while on business for his or her construction site, and he or she is involved in a car accident caused by a negligent driver, he or she could be entitled to compensation from the at-fault driver.

Machinery Accidents

There is a variety of dangerous machinery construction workers either use or are exposed to, from motor vehicles to drills and other power tools. When these are defective, malfunction or used improperly by others, it can result in severe injuries.

For example, a worker could be using a tool to cut a pipe and lose control and make contact with another worker. It could also be possible to lose control and cause some sort of chain reaction that ends with a worker getting hurt. For example, a fire could get started, items could fall on another worker and lose control,

Fall Accidents

Construction workers are often working up high off the ground, especially those who are involved in erecting buildings. If they are not careful, or other workers are negligent, workers can lose their balance and cause a slip and fall accident. The higher a worker is off the ground, the more likely he or she is to suffer life-threatening injuries.

Workers can also get injured when objects fall from high up off the ground. For example, a crane could be lifting equipment or materials and the materials could fall to the ground, hitting workers nearby.

Fires and Explosions

If there are flammable chemicals on a construction site, it could take just a small spark to ignite a fire that could put many workers at risk of burn injuries and smoke inhalation injuries. Once a fire starts, it could be tough to contain and combustible dust could get in the air and light on fire, causing a second fire.

Construction workers who are cutting materials and creating sparks could cause something to be ignited, which can also result in a fire.

If you were injured in these or any other construction site accidents and you think a third party was involved, our Hillsboro personal injury attorneys may be able to represent you in a construction accident lawsuit. Our goal is to pursue the compensation you deserve for your damages.

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Construction Site Injuries

The accidents above can result in many types of injuries to a variety of body parts. Some of these injuries might include the following:

  • Broken arms
  • Broken legs
  • Amputation of limbs
  • Internal bleeding
  • Damage to internal organs
  • Second and third-degree burns
  • Severe lacerations
  • Soft tissue injuries, such as torn knee ligaments
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Head injuries, like concussions and traumatic brain injuries
  • Loss of hearing
  • Loss of sight
  • Injuries from exposure or inhalation of toxic chemicals
  • Puncture wounds from sharp objects
  • Skin reactions to harsh chemicals

Medical expenses for treating these injuries can quickly pile up, costing you tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your treatment. Costs can pile up particularly fast if you need physical therapy or require medical equipment to be mobile (this could occur if a limb is amputated or you suffer a spinal cord injury that limits your mobility).

Fortunately, a construction accident lawyer may be able to pursue compensation for the damages you suffer, such as lost wages and earning capacity. You could also be entitled to compensation for emotional issues caused by your injuries, such as depression or trouble sleeping. If your injuries affect your relationship with your spouse, you could be entitled to compensation for loss of companionship.

However, some of these damages are only available in a third-party construction injury lawsuit. Our construction accident attorneys have in-depth knowledge of these cases and what it takes to be successful.

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Third Parties Involved in Construction Site Accident Lawsuits

Oregon, like every other state, has a workers’ compensation system to compensate workers for on-the-job injuries. The trade-off for construction workers is that they receive workers’ compensation benefits and lose the right to sue their employers.

However, workers still have the option of suing a third party that played a role in the injury. There are many third parties that can be involved in a construction site. If these parties act negligently and workers suffer injuries, workers may be able to file lawsuits.

Some examples of third parties that could be present at construction sites include:

  • General contractors – These are people who are responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations at a construction site, such as managing vendors and talking to other parties involved in the construction site. If you are not employed by the general contractor, you may be able to file a lawsuit against this party if its negligence contributed to your construction site injury.
  • Subcontractors – These parties are employed by general contractors to handle specific tasks on the site. You might think you have a case against a general contractor but sometimes the specific situation you were involved in was being managed by a subcontractor.
  • Architects – These are the people who design a construction project. If the design they created was unsafe, and it resulted in your injury, you may have a case against the architect.
  • Product manufacturers – If you are working with a defective product that caused you to get hurt, you may have a case against the manufacturer or designer. Potentially defective products could include power tools, motor vehicles, safety equipment, scaffolding, concrete forms and a variety of other equipment.

Building a case against these parties is complicated, particularly without the help of a lawyer. Our Hillsboro construction injury attorneys understand how to navigate the complexity of these cases to determine who is liable for your injuries, the value of your damages, and other non-economic damages you are experiencing.

In Oregon, all workers can receive workers’ compensation benefits for any work-related injuries. Since this is a no-fault system, you do not need proof that your injuries resulted from negligence. You can receive compensation even if there was no negligence involved. If your illness or injury was the result of your job, you can receive benefits. Our firm does not represent injured workers during the workers’ compensation process and we are not compensated for this part of the process. If you need legal help with workers’ compensation, we can help connect you with other attorneys who can assist you.

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Construction is a very dangerous but necessary industry. Construction workers help to build, renovate and improve a variety of structures and buildings where people live, eat, work and drive. When these workers are injured because of the negligence of a third party, they should be compensated for the damages they suffer.

Our construction injury lawyers in Hillsboro understand what injured construction workers are experiencing. We understand how to build a strong case for why you should be compensated. Your consultation with us costs nothing and you will not be charged any legal fees unless you receive compensation.

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