When individuals, companies or other organizations or entities engage in activities or conspire to defraud the government of money, it is very difficult for the government to put a stop to all of it on its own. This is why the government protects whistleblowers – people who step forward to alert the government and put a stop to fraudulent activity. These people need protection because they are taking a great risk coming forward. Another way the government recognizes the risk is by giving whistleblowers the chance to obtain a portion of the recovered funds. However, pursuing a whistleblower claim is a complex and intimidating process. That is why you do not have to manage it on your own. You can seek help from an experienced Hillsboro whistleblower lawyer who can handle the process on your behalf. At Rizk Law, we understand the many details involved in these cases, including filing requirements, proving government fraud, the percentage of funds you may be entitled, and what happens when the government joins a case. Schedule a free legal consultation right now to find out how we can assist you throughout the process and pursue fair compensation. You deserve aggressive, skilled representation from a trusted attorney.

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What are Some Examples of Government Fraud?

Whistleblower claims are governed by the False Claims Act (FCA), a federal law that was created during the Civil War to help prevent fraud in federal contracts. The government was trying to stop war profiteers from selling faulty supplies to the Union Army. This law says it is illegal to do any of the following because it defrauds the government:

  • Giving the government a fraudulent claim for payment
  • Creating fraudulent records or statements to induce the government to provide payment or approve a claim
  • Not delivering property the government is entitled
  • Engaging in any type of conspiracy with the goal of getting the government to pay you for a false claim
  • Buying government property from someone who does not have the right to sell you said property
  • Creating or using falsified records to avoid an obligation to pay the government money
  • Delivering an inaccurate receipt documenting the receipt of government property

These forms of fraud occur in a variety of situations and industries, from government contracting to health care, mortgage and finance to taxes.

Fraud Among Government Contractors

Fraud often occurs in contracts for defense of the nation. For example, there could be contracts from the government to build fighter jets, tanks, missiles and other equipment for the U.S. Armed Forces to use overseas. Companies who get these contracts could defraud the government in the following ways:

  • Sending bills to the government for goods or services that were not provided
  • Using incorrect pricing information during contract negotiations to try to obtain more money
  • Using low-quality materials to build something a company is contracted to build
  • Claiming that a product was made in this country when it was not
  • Sending bills to the government for services that are not supposed to be paid by the government
  • Providing kickbacks to induce the approval of a contract
  • Delivering goods that have not passed proper inspection or testing requirements

Fraud in Health Care

Unfortunately, there is a lot of fraud in the health care industry, particularly with Medicare and Medicaid, which are government insurance programs. Some of the more common examples of fraud include:

  • Billing for services that were never provided
  • Billing twice for the same service
  • Charging higher prices than are allowed by law
  • Selling or marketing drugs for uses that have not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Filling prescriptions partially then charging as if the entire thing was filled
  • Prescribing services that are unnecessary

Mortgage Fraud

There are many ways people and other entities can commit fraud when it involves a mortgage on a property. For instance, an appraiser can inflate the value of a property to obtain a mortgage for a larger amount of money. Borrowers can commit fraud by claiming income or assets they do not possess in order to get approved for a loan. Another example would be a bank pretending to offer financial help to a homeowner who is trying to refinance. If you know about any of these types of fraud, you can put a stop to it by filing a whistleblower claim. To find out more about this option, contact a Hillsboro whistleblower lawyer right now for a free legal consultation.

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Filing a Whistleblower Lawsuit

If you have a case and want to move forward, our attorneys can handle filing the case on your behalf. It must be filed in the name of the government. Once it is filed, the case will be sealed for at least 60 days and possibly more. This protects you because the people who are being accused of fraud will be unable to see it and will not know about it. During those 60 days, the government will make a decision about joining your case. If the government does not get on board, you can decide if you want to move forward. Once the government makes a decision, or you move forward on your own, the complaint will be sent to the defendant and they must respond within 20 days. You should know that if the government joins the case, it will have primary responsibility. Your role in the case may be severely limited and the government could decide to dismiss or settle the claim at any time. However, despite these limitations, it can be a huge benefit to have the government on board because there may be a greater chance of success. That is why our whistleblower attorneys in Hillsboro are committed to building a strong case to try to encourage the government to join.

Compensation for Your Case

If the government joins the lawsuit and fraud is proven, you may be entitled to somewhere between 15 and 25 percent of the recovered money. Without the government on board you can receive between 25 and 30 percent of the recovered money. The percentage you receive is based on the court determining how much you contributed to the success of the case. If you made a significant contribution, you may be more likely to receive a higher percentage.

Deadline for Filing a Lawsuit

You should consider contacting our Hillsboro whistleblower attorneys as soon as possible about your case. There is a limit of six years, or three years after the government knew or should have known about fraud, to file a lawsuit. If you miss the deadline, you lose the right to file a whistleblower claim. It is tough to determine when the government should have known so you should give yourself as much time as possible. Schedule a free legal consultation today to learn more about your options for pursuing compensation.

Contact Our Hillsboro Whistleblower Lawyers to Discuss Your Case

Unsure if you have a whistleblower case? There is no cost to meet with our whistleblower lawyers in Hillsboro for a free legal consultation. The consultation is also confidential, so your employer will not know about it. We can discuss your situation and determine if you have legal options and the amount of compensation you may be able to recover. We will explain what we think would be in your best interest and you can decide what to do on your own. If you decide to move ahead, you can rest assured that we will work hard to build a strong case. We want you to be compensated for the risk you took in coming forward to help the government put a stop to fraud.

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