No matter what you hear in clever TV commercials, you should always remember that insurance companies are businesses that are out to make money (even when the insurance company in question is your own). This is why insurance companies routinely deny claims or try to pay injury victims less compensation than they deserve. They would like nothing better than for you to handle a claim on your own – they may even advise against hiring a reputable attorney because they know this person may be able to obtain fair compensation. This is one of the reasons you should strongly consider hiring an attorney, but not just any attorney. You need one with a strong reputation and a track record of results.

The Hillsboro insurance claim lawyers at Rizk Law have many years of combined experience obtaining fair compensation from insurance companies. Founder Richard Rizk used to work for insurance companies in the 90s, so he knows how they operate and how to deal with them to pursue fair compensation for injury victims and their loved ones. The firm was included in ThreeBestRated® in 2018. Learn more about how we might be able to help you by scheduling a free legal consultation. You will not be charged for our services unless you are compensated at the end of the legal process. There is also no obligation to be represented by our firm. You decide what you want to do after meeting with our compassionate attorneys.

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Types of Cases We Handle

Have you been injured in a motor vehicle accident, whether you were in a passenger vehicle, riding a motorcycle, were hit by a commercial truck or hit by another driver?

Were you injured in a skiing accident that you think is covered by insurance, such as ski travel insurance?

Did your child suffer an injury at home or another’s house that you think is covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy?

If you were involved in any of these situations or another situation covered by an insurance policy, our Hillsboro insurance claims lawyers may be able to help you. Learn more about the commons types of cases we are prepared to handle below:

Truck Accidents

Hillsboro trucking accidents can cause devastating, life-changing injuries simply because of the sheer size and weight of these vehicles in comparison to your own. Even if you are in a large SUV, you could still suffer serious injury, depending on the type of accident. According to the Oregon Department of Transportation, there were 33 truck accidents in Hillsboro that led to 16 injuries in 2015.

Trucks, drivers and other entities involved in the commercial trucking industry are covered by various insurance policies that you might be able to draw compensation from, depending on the circumstances of your crash. This could include the following coverage amounts for trucking companies, under federal regulations:

  • $750,000 for most freight carriers (sometimes coverage minimums go up to $5,000,000 based on the cargo being transported)
  • $1,000,000 for private cargo carriers transporting oil and certain hazardous wastes
  • $5,000,000 for motor carriers transporting other types of waste
  • $300,000 for cargo that is not hazardous and is being moved in a vehicle that weighs less than 10,001 pounds

There are some situations when a truck is being driven for a non-business purpose. This is why trucking companies have non-trucking liability coverage. This protects the motor carrier’s primary liability policy from claims. This coverage would provide compensation for medical expenses and property damage.

Another type of insurance you may be able to draw compensation from is bobtail insurance, which covers situations when the truck is being operated without a trailer attached. This is liability coverage so your injuries and property damage would be covered if the driver is at fault.

Child Injuries

If your child suffers an injury at someone else’s house and it was caused by negligence (such as a dog bite, slip and fall, or dangerous condition on the property that should have been removed), you may be able to file an insurance claim. If the home or property owner has personal liability insurance policy, this would cover your child’s medical bills.

Our personal injury attorneys in Hillsboro can pursue compensation up to the limits of the policy possessed by the homeowner or property owner. If this is not enough to cover your damages, we may discuss filing a personal injury lawsuit to obtain the rest of the compensation you and your child are entitled.

Downhill Skiing Accidents

Oregon is a popular destination for ski lovers that offers a wide range of ski and snowboarding areas from the advanced trails at Mt. Hood to beginner slopes of Mt. Bachelor. The sport is very popular in Oregon, and many people decide to purchase insurance to cover potential injuries, because this activity is dangerous. There is the potential for serious or even fatal injury, even if you are trying to take it easy and not put yourself into too risky of a situation.

One type of insurance people often purchase is travel insurance. You can purchase a policy that covers emergency medical assistance, such as if you need to be airlifted off a mountain. (This is another thing to consider about skiing accidents – you may be far away from help so buying this type of insurance could be a very good idea.)

If another skier accidentally injures you on the slopes, his or her homeowner’s insurance may cover your injuries. The same may be true of renter’s insurance.

Before your trip, if you purchase travel insurance, examine it carefully to determine what it covers, such as the types of skiing activities covered, like:

  • Freestyle skiing
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Downhill skiing
  • Alpine skiing

No matter what type of accident you are involved in or the type of insurance coverage you are pursuing, you may be in for a contentious process. The insurance company may try to deny your claim, alleging:

  • Your injuries are not covered or are worth less than your deductible
  • The policy has expired because you did not pay the premium on time
  • The policy specifically excludes your injuries from coverage

Even if the insurance company does not deny your claim, it may attempt to devalue it, claiming it is worth much less than it actually is. This is where it could be a huge advantage to have a trusted attorney dealing with the insurance company on your behalf. Sometimes all it takes is having an attorney to get the insurance company to treat you more fairly.

If you or loved one has been injured skiing down Mt. Bachelor, cross-country skiing through Mt. Hood or injured while skiing on any other slope in Oregon, reach out to a qualified Hillsboro insurance lawyer for your free legal consultation.

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State Law on Fair Insurance Settlement Practices

Insurance companies that operate in Oregon must abide by the unfair claim settlement practices statute (Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 746.230). This law prohibits a variety of unfair or deceptive practices by insurance companies when handling insurance claims. This can include:

  • Not acting in good faith to attempt to settle a claim when liability is reasonably clear
  • Deciding not to pay a claim without doing a reasonable investigation
  • Trying to settle a claim based on an application that was changed without the notice or consent of the applicant
  • Failing to act quickly on communications received relating to claims
  • Taking steps to misrepresent facts or aspects of the insurance policy in question
  • Delaying an investigation or the payment of a claim by requiring the claimant or one of their doctors to submit a preliminary claim report followed by submitting loss forms when both have basically the same information
  • Not affirming or denying coverage within a reasonable time after the insurer has received completed proof of loss statements
  • Settling a claim for less than a reasonable amount

Many of these things are also stated in the federal Unfair Claim Settlement Practices Act. This act also says each violation of the act is subject to a $1,000 penalty, not to exceed a total penalty of $100,000 unless the violation was flagrant and showed conscious disregard of the law. In these situations, each penalty is no more than $25,000, not to exceed $250,000 in total penalties.

If insurance companies violate these laws, contact our Hillsboro insurance claim lawyers for a free consultation to discuss legal options. Our goal is to recover the compensation you are entitled, up to the limits of the policy.

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Find Out How a Hillsboro Insurance Claim Lawyer Can Help You

Unfortunately, injury victims being unfairly treated by an insurance company is all too common, no matter how severe their injuries may be. This is why many victims decide to seek legal representation.

The attorneys at Rizk Law understand what you are going through. We have negotiated fair compensation with many insurance companies for people who are struggling to be treated appropriately. We can manage the entire process on your behalf, keeping you informed, answering your questions, and explaining how to protect your best interests.

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