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Traffic accidents involving motorcycles can cause severe and life-changing injuries. According to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, there were 64 fatal motorcycle accidents in 2017. Despite the safety precautions you may take to avoid a crash, a negligent driver can make it impossible for you to avoid a dangerous crash. If you were involved in a motorcycle accident and believe another motorist’s negligence caused your injury, contact Vancouver motorcycle accident lawyers today. At Rizk Law, we have the knowledge, experience and skillset to help you file a claim to go after the compensation you deserve. We have helped many injury victims recover compensation for their damages and we are ready to take on your case.

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Common Motorcycle Accidents in Vancouver, WA

There are many different types of motorcycle accidents that occur in Vancouver. Some of the most common accidents that involve a careless driver include:

  • Left-turn crashes in intersections – This type of accident occurs when a motorist is making a left-hand turn and fails to yield to oncoming traffic and hits a motorcycle passing straight through the intersection. This accident can happen if the motorist does not see the rider approaching or fails to look. Other times, drivers misjudge the speed of the motorcycle or how far away it is.
  • Rear-end collision –This type of accident occurs when a motorist hits the back of a motorcycle. This typically occurs at a stop sign or stop light and can cause the motorcyclist to be thrown off the bike.
  • Lane-change crashes –  These accidents occur when a motorist swiftly changes lanes and either collides with a motorcycle or cuts off the rider without giving the rider enough time to slow down before crashing into the back of the car.
  • Head-on collisions –  This type of accident occurs when a motorist fails to yield the right-of-way and crashes into a rider head-on. These accidents often occur when a driver is distracted and goes the wrong way or veers across the center line on the road.
  • High-speed accidents –Vehicles traveling at high speeds can pose severe risks to a rider. Impact from this type of accident can be fatal to the motorcyclist.

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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Vancouver

There are many reasons for motorcycle accidents. Unfortunately, many accidents are caused by another driver’s negligence or carelessness. In many cases, motorists do not see motorcycles simply because they are smaller and unexpected. Some of the common causes of motorcycle accidents include the following:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs –  Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can greatly impair an individual’s senses. Injuries caused from this type of accident can be fatal.
  • Distracted driving – Using a cellphone, whether it be for texting or talking, can distract the driver and take his attention off the road, where it should always be.
  • Failure to use turn signals – Motorist who do not give a fair warning of a lane change or turn can pose a risk to a motorcyclist who needs to properly adjust by slowing down or braking.
  • Not yielding the right-of-way –Vehicles who fail to yield run the risk of colliding with a rider.
  • Excessive speed –Vehicles traveling at high speed do not give themselves the proper amount of time to react to traffic around them.
  • Failure to obey traffic signals and laws  Motorists who do not abide by traffic laws are a risk to everyone on the road.
  • Merging incorrectly – Motorists who do not check their blind spot before merging can collide with a motorcycle.

Other common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Tailgating a motorcyclist
  • Poor weather
  • Poor road conditions
  • Driving while fatigued or drowsy

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Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcyclists are vulnerable to serious injuries because of the lack of protection they have while riding. Depending on the type of accident, injuries can range from minor cuts and bruises to paralysis or brain damage. If you have been in a motorcycle accident, you should seek immediate medical attention to stabilize your injuries and begin treatment. Waiting could make your injuries worse.

Some common types of motorcycle accident injuries include:

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Types of Compensation Awarded in Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits

Motorcycle accidents can be a traumatic, life-changing experience. Injuries can cause an individual to experience psychological problems, along with the inability to work. Medical bills can also pile up very quickly. It can be an overwhelming time for you and your family.

Our experienced lawyers at Rizk Law want to ensure that you have the opportunity to heal properly and pursue compensation for your losses.

Depending on the types of damage your suffered, you may be entitled to receive the following compensation:

Medical Expenses:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Medical equipment
  • Prescription medication for injuries
  • Surgeries
  • X-rays, MRIs or CAT scan
  • Physical therapy
  • Ambulance transportation
  • Doctor visits

Economic Damages:

  • Lost income from inability to work
  • Loss of property
  • Cost of replacement/repair to damaged property

Non-Economic Damages:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of companionship
  • Mental anguish
  • Disability
  • Injury to reputation

If you have been in a motorcycle accident and wish to pursue compensation for your losses, you will need to file a case within three years from the date of the accident as Washington State’s statute of limitations mandates that personal injury cases must be filed before then. If you file a case after the three-year anniversary of the accident, you will miss out on the chance to file a motorcycle accident lawsuit and receive compensation for your losses.

Our Vancouver motorcycle accident attorneys will work to ensure that your case is filed before the three-year deadline.

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