Injuries from a motorcycle crash can be absolutely devastating, even if the crash seems to be relatively minor. This is because motorcycles are totally different from passenger vehicles, there are no seat belts or airbags or even the structure of the car to protect your body from injury. The Gresham motorcycle accident lawyers at Rizk Law understand how serious these injuries can be and how some victims are left permanently disabled from the crash. We are deeply committed to holding negligent drivers accountable for putting motorcyclists in harm’s way. We also understand that victims need compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and other damages to avoid being in a serious financial crisis. Without compensation, victims will have a very hard time paying for the treatment they need to recover and try to move forward.

Our Gresham motorcycle accident attorneys represent victims of many types of motorcycle crashes. The first step to getting our help is to meet with our experienced attorneys for a free legal consultation. There is no obligation to this meeting so there is no risk to you. The other thing to remember is that you will not be billed for our services unless you receive fair compensation.

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Common Types of Motorcycle Crashes in Gresham, Oregon

There are many scenic roads near the Gresham area where motorcycle riders like to ride, from Wind River Road and a scenic loop in Clark County to Columbia River Highway’s scenic route. However, these are not the only places you will see motorcycles. Riders also use some of the same roads as cars, from I-84 and I-5 to I-205 and other major roadways.

However, no matter where a motorcyclist is going for a ride, he or she can suffer a serious injury because of a driver’s negligence. Even a fun ride can quickly turn into a disaster when other drivers are not careful.

Some common examples of motorcycle crashes caused by other drivers include:

  • Left-turn accidents – These are some of the most dangerous crashes for motorcyclists. Even people in passenger vehicles can be killed in these crashes, particularly if the collision happens at high speed. These are crashes that occur when a car turns left and hits a motorcyclist who is traveling in the opposite direction. Sometimes drivers do not see the motorcycle and other times they are simply not paying attention. There are also situations when drivers misjudge the speed of the motorcycle and attempt to make the turn anyway.
  • Sideswipes and cut-off accidents – If a car veers off into another lane but the driver does not check his or her mirrors or blind spots, the car can sideswipe or cut off the motorcyclist. The rider could get knocked off his or her bike, slam into the back of the car or lose control and crash into another car or fixed object.
  • Rear-end accidents – Motorcyclists stopped at stop signs and intersections need to be careful about cars approaching from behind them. If a car hits the back of a motorcycle, even going relatively slowly, the rider can get knocked off or thrown from the bike, putting him or her at risk for broken bones, head injuries and other serious injuries.

These and other motorcycle crashes can be caused by drunk drivers, distracted drivers, or simply reckless drivers who are disobeying other rules of the road. Some drivers are not concerned with safely sharing the road with motorcyclists, and this puts them at risk for serious injury.

The attorneys at Rizk Law are prepared to thoroughly investigate your crash, including seeking out any available video footage of the crash, reviewing the police report, examining your medical records, reviewing state law to determine if the other driver broke any rules of the road, and taking other appropriate steps to determine fault and build a case for why you deserve compensation.

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Possible Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Even if you are wearing a helmet, boots, a thick jacket and other protective gear, you might still suffer a serious injury in a motorcycle crash. Some of the injuries you may suffer in these accidents include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Injuries to internal organs
  • Road rash
  • Burn injuries
  • Broken bones, particularly in your arms and legs
  • Injuries to your neck
  • Whiplash, particularly from rear-end accidents
  • Loss of limbs
  • Severe lacerations
  • Bruising, which could be accompanied by other internal injuries

Treatment for these injuries may involve surgery, prescription medication, physical therapy, rehabilitation, long-term medical care, durable medical equipment like wheelchairs or crutches. These treatments may also require testing, such as blood tests, X-rays and MRIs.

The costs of these different treatments can quickly pile up and be impossible to afford, no matter your financial situation. This is why victims often consider taking legal action to pursue fair compensation to cover these expenses. You need treatment to have a chance at making the best recovery possible, and you deserve compensation if the accident was caused by another driver’s recklessness.

Our Gresham motorcycle accident attorneys are prepared to represent you on contingency. If you are involved in an accident, you should take the steps recommended by Oregon’s Division of Financial Regulation.

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Insurance Coverage After a Motorcycle Crash

Many motorcycle accident claims are handled by filing insurance claims. Motorcycle riders must have insurance policies with the same minimum levels of coverage as drivers, including:

  • $25,000 to cover the death or injury to one person in an accident you cause
  • $15,000 in personal injury protection, which covers the medical bills and lost wages of each person covered by the policy
  • $20,000 to cover damage or destruction of another’s property
  • $50,000 to cover the death or bodily injury of two or more people in an accident you cause

Our Gresham motorcycle accident lawyers can represent you throughout the insurance claims process. We know how to deal with insurance adjusters who are focused on paying out as little compensation as possible. We will defend your best interests and will not accept unfair settlement offers. We know how to negotiate and are prepared for a difficult process.

One of the benefits of having an attorney is that you do not have to deal with the insurance company after initially filing the claim. Insurance companies understand that you are intimidated, and they will try to get you to sign the first offer of compensation they give you. This first offer is often for much less compensation than you deserve.

However, our attorneys get into these situations with full knowledge of the damages you suffered and the fair value of those damages. Our goal is to secure the amount you are entitled, up to the limits of the insurance policy. If we cannot secure the fair compensation you deserve we will discuss the possibility of filing a lawsuit to recover what you deserve.

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The injuries from a motorcycle crash may never fully heal, and you may be left permanently disfigured or disabled. You may be confined to a wheelchair or have chronic pain or brain injuries that affect your ability to think clearly, remember things and interact with others.

If you think negligence was involved in your crash, our Gresham motorcycle accident lawyers are here to help. Review your accident with us in a free, no obligation legal consultation. We can determine if you were a victim of negligence and the compensation you may be owed. We recognize how important it is to be fairly compensated after getting injured in an accident that was not your fault.

If you have a case, we will represent you on contingency so there will be no fees or costs unless you are fairly compensated.

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