Our society has become much more educated about the problems caused by traumatic brain injuries, from memory loss, confusion and headaches to personality changes. This is partially because we have heard so much about the effects of concussions on football players. However, brain injuries can occur after many accidents, many of which could have been prevented if other people had been more careful. For example, some brain injuries occur after truck accidents caused by the driver being drunk. Rizk Law’s Gresham brain injury attorneys know there are many causes of brain injuries and when negligence is involved, we are ready to step in to help the victims recover compensation for medical expenses and the physical and emotional problems they may experience.

Schedule your free, no obligation legal consultation right now to learn about your possible legal options for recovery. The medical expenses from treating a long-term or even short-term brain injury can quickly pile up, leaving families in a dire financial situation. If our Gresham personal injury lawyers take your case, you can rest assured we will handle every aspect, determine the full value of your damages, and aggressively pursue at-fault parties for the compensation you deserve.

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Types of Accidents That Can Cause Brain Injuries

Brain injuries result from many situations, involving a variety of individuals and entities that were reckless or negligent. No matter how your injury occurred, if you think the carelessness of another was involved in causing it, you may have a case and should seriously consider contacting a Gresham brain injury attorney for a free consultation.

Some of the situations that can result in brain injuries include:

  • Car accidents – Our Gresham car accident lawyers are prepared to represent victims who suffered brain injuries because of another driver’s negligence. For example, brain injuries could occur in drunk driving crashes, multi-car pileups, wrong-way-driving accidents and crashes that occur at high-speed.
  • Motorcycle crashes – Even with a helmet, your brain could still suffer damage if you crash while on a motorcycle. If you get thrown from the bike, no matter how fast you are going, you could hit your head and suffer a concussion, internal bleeding or another type of serious brain injury.
  • Truck accidents – Almost any accident with a truck could result in a brain injury, simply because trucks are so much bigger than passenger vehicles. Unfortunately, drivers of these vehicles are often in such a rush to meet deadlines they are driving when they are tired, increasing the risk of them falling asleep or not reacting quickly enough.
  • Skiing accidents – People usually think of having a lot of fun when skiing. The truth is, while it can be fun, there is serious potential for serious injury, particularly if you do not ski within your abilities or another skier is being reckless.
  • Slip and fall accidents – These slip and fall accidents can result in a variety of severe injuries – even soft-tissue injuries can affect you for weeks, months or longer. If you fall and hit your head, particularly on a hard surface, you should seek immediate medical attention to discover any internal damage. A hemorrhage that is left untreated could cause a lot more problems, and potentially be fatal.

If these or any other accident resulted in you suffering a traumatic brain injury, our Gresham brain injury lawyers are prepared to help you pursue compensation.

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What are the Different Types of Brain Injuries?

There are many different types of brain injuries that cause various symptoms and medical problems that should be treated as soon as possible. No matter the type of injury, if negligence was involved and you suffered damages, you may have a case.

Some of the common types of brain injuries include:


This is a brain injury that occurs when the brain hits the skull, often from a sharp blow to the head or when there is sudden acceleration and deceleration of the head, such as from a motor vehicle accident. These commonly occur in sports, particularly contact or collision sports, or sports where the head is used, such as soccer.

Some of the symptoms of a concussion to watch for, particularly if you hit your head, include:

  • Throwing up
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Losing consciousness for a brief period of time
  • Headaches
  • Slurring speech

Contusions (Bruises)

These can occur because of a concussion. This causes a mild amount of bleeding under the skin. However, the damage that occurs depends on the size of the bleed. The larger the bleed and the longer it lasts, the more likely it is you will need surgery to repair the damage and stop the bleed.

Penetrating Injuries

If something gets jammed into your head and penetrates the skull and brain, it could cause irreparable damage. Some of the effects of a penetrating injury can include serious bleeding, blood clots and disruption of oxygen flow to different regions of the brain. The damage from these issues can be permanent or even fatal.

Diffuse Axonal Injury

This is a more severe version of a concussion, except the brain movement is so violent that it causes damage to the brain stem. Even small tears can be serious, but large tears can be fatal. The seriousness of the injury will depend on the areas of the brain that have been affected, based on where the tear occurs.

There are various other types of brain injuries that may have been caused by negligence. When you meet with our Gresham brain injury lawyers we can evaluate your injury to determine the future effects and the medical expenses you will have for your treatment. When we begin investigating your case, we can carefully review medical records and consult experts to get a better idea of the value of the damages caused by your injury and the treatments you require.

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Compensation for Brain Injuries

Medical treatment for a brain involves much more than surgery or emergency room care right after the accident. You may need prescription medication, more surgery, imaging tests, blood tests, follow-up appointments with specialists, psychological counseling and potentially other treatments. These things may not even cure your injury, they may just be able to help you better manage long-term symptoms. This means many of these things could continue for months, years or possibly the rest of your life.

Medical bills are not the only damage brain injury victims suffer. They can also miss work because their brain injury prevents them from being able to do their job. If the brain damage is bad enough, the cognitive effects could be so serious that the victim has to work in a different field, or he or she may be unable to work at all.

You should also not forget about the emotional and physical effects of these injuries. Brain damage could cause physical limitations. You may also experience personality changes or struggle to regulate your emotions.

All of these damages may be compensable in a personal injury claim. Our Gresham brain injury lawyers will carefully assess your damages to determine what you are dealing with, and how much compensation you deserve. We want you to have fair compensation because we know it can be a huge help for you and your family as you try to move forward.

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Our Gresham Brain Injury Attorneys are Ready to Help You

If you or a loved one suffer a spinal cord injury, filing a lawsuit will probably be the furthest thing from your mind, even if you think the injury was someone else’s fault. Your focus after this type of injury is where it should be: receiving treatment and managing your symptoms to hopefully prevent long-term health problems.

However, you should know that the cost of ongoing treatment for any injury, particularly a brain injury can be extremely expensive. From the cost of prescription medication to physical therapy, speech therapy and psychological counseling, you could be spending tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is why many brain injury victims meet with an attorney to discuss their legal options for obtaining fair compensation for medical bills and other expenses.

Our Gresham brain injury lawyers at Rizk Law understand what you are dealing with and want to help. We know how to pursue compensation through the legal process and we know how important compensation will be for families attempting to move forward.

Your consultation is free and comes without an obligation to take legal action. You will also not be assessed legal fees or costs unless you are compensated.

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