No Upfront Attorney Fees! Really?

Yes, really! Choosing Rizk Law to pursue your injury claim is easy, affordable and transparent – because, unlike other law firms, at Rizk Law we only get paid an attorney fee if and when we negotiate an approved settlement or are awarded money by verdict, arbitration award or mediation.

We get paid more when you get paid more. As a result, our contingency attorney fee arrangement financially motivates us to get you the most amount of money as soon as possible. If we do not recover compensation for you, you pay no attorney fee to us.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This fee structure is specific to personal injury claims.

What About Non- Attorney Fee Claim Cost?

All personal injury claims involve costs such as in obtaining medical records, billing, opinions of medical experts, accident reconstruction work and vocational expert opinions, to name a few. Unlike many smaller law firms, it is generally a Rizk Law policy to advance these costs to the client (without interest) after assessing whether such cost would eventually add more to a client’s net haul at the end of the day.

Can Rizk Law Help Reduce Medical Bills, Liens and Other Expenses?

Yes. Like the monster in “Halloween” the movie, creditors tend to re-emerge at critical moments just as their memory has faded. Without any extra fee, Rizk Law attorneys and paralegals take steps to dispute, negotiate down and sometimes even eliminate these bills entirely.

Why Does Rizk Law Make Personal Injury Claims So Easy?

You are already hurt, and insurance claims are probably not your gig. By contrast, insurance companies train and arm small armies to undermine your claim at all costs. These organizations often have large legal teams at their disposal, which can potentially put injury victims at a disadvantage when trying to navigate a personal injury compensation claim. You need and deserve premium legal counsel. In short order, by offering a free legal consultation without upfront fees, Rizk Law helps level the playing field for regular folk.

If you have questions, please contact us at 503.245.5677.

What Happens During the Initial Consultation?

During your no-obligation, free initial consultation you will speak with one of our qualified attorneys. After evaluating legal options and answering your questions, we carefully explain the claim process, including our fee structure and the documents we will request you to sign. This same information will be clearly set out in our contract.

How Does the Legal Process End?

At the end of the legal process, we provide an itemized “settlement statement”. This document sets out the total amount of your awarded compensation, our costs and attorney fee, along with any other bills and their final disposition. It may be that you have outstanding medical bills or health insurance liens to pay from your settlement proceeds. Our firm has extensive experience confirming, resolving and reducing these final bills.

How Would Some Other Law Firms Bill Me?

Many other law firms may require an upfront payment to retain legal services before any work has even begun. In this type of fee arrangement, clients typically pay hundreds of dollars per hour. These fees may often be assessed even for answering phone calls or emails. This approach can discourage people from contacting a lawyer, either to discuss their case or just to get an update on how the case is proceeding.

Other law firms do work on a contingency basis, but do not advance the costs needed to litigate a case.

How Do I Contact Rizk Law?

Call 503.245.5677 or email info@rizklaw.com. At Rizk Law, we have a team of legal professionals who are prepared to help. We also have representatives that can take your call or real-time text to schedule your free initial consultation.

Contact us at our toll-free number at 503.245.5677. In addition to calling or texting us, you may also complete our free online contact form to get a call back from our firm.

We have obtained millions in compensation for injured clients throughout the Pacific Northwest, and if we take your case, we are prepared to fight for maximum compensation on your behalf.

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