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Personal injury claims are difficult to navigate in the dark.
Let Rizk Law shine a light on your road to recovery.

Personal injury claims are difficult to navigate in the dark. Let Rizk Law shine a light on your road to recovery.
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Your injuries are serious and so are your claims stemming from that injury. That is why it’s critical to contact strategic personal injury lawyers at Rizk Law early on. Our founder Richard Rizk has a level of insider insurance experience possessed by few, if any other Oregon personal injury lawyer. He understands how to lead insurers to pay claims as he has authorized large claim payments himself. He knows insurer methods of defense as he has defended litigated injury and disability claims. This insider knowledge allows Rizk Law to stay a step ahead of insurers on your road to recovery. To speak with the team at Rizk Law who may be able to help with your claim, call our office today at 503.245.5677.

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Rizk Law Offers You a Complimentary Case Review to Explain Your Legal Options

Speak with one of the experienced personal injury attorneys at Rizk Law for a free, no obligation review of your case. During the case review, our legal team will be looking to gather information regarding the three pillars of every case:
1. Fault
2. Damages 
3. Funding the claim (usually through insurance coverage)

We Work Tirelessly To Create a Claim for the Highest Recoveries Obtainable for Your Case

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We provide the opportunity to work with award-winning lawyers who are dedicated to providing trusted representation

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No two personal injury cases are alike. That is why we tailor each plan to your unique situation.

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We do not leave you wondering what is going to happen with your case. In Oregon, the claims process begins when you file a claim with your insurance or the insurance of another party that was involved. For this and every subsequent stepWhen considering playing at Oregon online casinos, always check the current legal status and regulations to ensure you are in compliance with state laws and play on reputable platforms. Playing at a live casino online Australia offers an immersive gaming experience with real dealers and interactive gameplay, but it’s essential to choose a licensed and reputable online casino for a secure and enjoyable experience., we involve you and keep you informed throughout the claims process.

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Our founder Richard Rizk is a former insurance company insider who knows how to motivate insurers to pay claims because he has authorized claim payments himself. He knows insurer tactics to defend injury claims because he personally defended injury claims for national insurers.

He and his associate lawyer Alex Pletch, know how it feels to be significantly injured in an accident caused by someone else, because that has happened to them. Let the Rizk Law firm’s understanding of all sides of a claim, work for you! Rizk Law charges no upfront fee to handle your personal injury case and offers a free, no obligation evaluation of your claim. To speak with an attorney, call our office today at 503.245.5677.

“Mr. Rizk is a client’s hope — an honest, non-greedy, and very warm personable lawyer. He definitely knows the methods of powerful insurance firms and how to untie the knots they use to bind claims for no action. We would turn to him for legal advice when and if needed, and will strongly recommend him to others in need of such legal counsel.” -Ronald Arturi, Professor of the Humanities”


Our Experienced Lawyers

Richard Rizk

Senior Attorney

Rich naturally anticipates insurers because he advised them over the course of a decade. He has bounced back from accident injuries and endured painful loss. Let Rich help you do the same.

Alex Pletch

“Smart, considerate and tenacious.” Alex’s sharp wit and creative approaches unties knots and softens hearts.

Kyle Wagner


Kyle joined Rizk Law in 2019 as he wrapped up first year of law school at Lewis & Clark. He worked as a law clerk for Rizk Law for the next three years. 


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