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“Look no further than Rizk Law when seeking an attorney for your personal injury case! Richard Rizk, Alex Pletch and the rest of the team work diligently to ensure your case gets the best results. Experts in what the other side is doing, Rizk Law is always steps ahead of the defense and their tactics. The team are kind, hardworking and honest and will take care of you from the first phone call to settlement. Rizk Law is a stellar firm!!!”
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“Richard Rizk represented me in an automobile accident claim. He gave me excellent advice even before I hired him to work on the case. He is smart, personable and gets real results. Dealing with insurance companies these days is a nightmare and Mr. Rizk handled every aspect of the case for me. He went over and beyond my expectations and the result was a successful settlement that exceeded what I had expected. For personal injury cases I can recommend him without reservation.”
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“My experience working with Rich and his team was positive. He was informative and responsive to my requests. His staff was thorough and professional. I will continue to recommend him to anyone looking for a personal injury lawyer.”
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“I am a clinical psychologist in private practice and have had the great pleasure of working with Richard Rizk on a number of personal injury cases and long-term disability matters over the past 2 years. Richard has gone to great lengths to support all of the clients that he represents. He has a special appreciation for the mental health needs of all of his clients, and in particular, clients who suffer from depression, anxiety, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of their injuries, both physical and mental. Richard is extremely generous with his time in assisting his clients as they attempt to heal from their physical, mental and financial struggles that occur as a result of either accidents or long-term disability. He has enormous integrity, and has unique expertise in all insurance covered matters and accident claims. Richard has an excellent record of effectively bringing the clients he represents to a favorable resolution in which his clients receive the financial awards they deserve. Finally, Richard is my first choice when I am looking for an attorney to represent my clients that are suffering as a result of either long-term disability or auto accident injuries.”
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“Following a car accident in Oregon back in 2019, I contacted Richard/Rizk Law for a free consultation. Being a Brit who has never resided in the US, I had no idea about Oregon State Law and clearly needed an expert legal opinion. Due to the circumstances of my case, it was ultimately decided that there would not be a financial benefit for Rizk Law to work on it; however the advice that was offered to me was enormously helpful in providing me with the knowledge & insight that I needed. I would highly recommend reaching out to Richard and his firm if you require sound legal advice.”
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“Richard and the Rizk law team made the whole process seamless and as easy as possible. I really appreciate how communicative they were and their knowledge of the law was astounding. These guys are the best and I recommend them to anyone.”

Results Oriented

“Richard is a person of great character, and I have watched him grow over the years into a fine attorney in his area of ERISA/LTD and STD disability claim denials. He is personable and puts people at ease during difficult and stressful times while bringing his expertise to play. I recommend Richard if you are a person having difficulty with a private LTD/STD claim denial.”

Art Stevens—Art Stevens; Black, Chapman and Webber

“Rizk pretty much guaranteed the club’s future for the next 50 or 100 years by resolving this lawsuit.”

–T .F, Oregon State Bar Bulletin, January 2011

“Three attorneys, upon separate accounts over several years, failed to achieve monetary compensation. One attorney, who knows Richard from law school, recommended his firm. What three attorneys could not accomplish over a decade, Richard was able to settle within a year’s time.”

–R.A. (Former Client)

“He really took my situation seriously and worked extremely hard to settle my case and get me a good amount of money.”

–(Former Client)

Passionate, Caring & Experienced

“Mr. Rizk was assertive, thorough, creative and caring. He helped me through one of the roughest times in my life and in the end I got the benefits and justice I deserved.”


“Mr. Rizk has extensive experience in the field of insurance law. He is a passionate and effective advocate for the rights of the insured. I endorse this lawyer.”

–Jeremy Craft (Non- affiliated Lawyer)

“My confidence level in using his skills to assist me in this matter went to the “top of the chart” by the end of our conversation. His passion for assisting individuals became absolutely clear to me in our conversation.”

–(Captain Rutter, Commercial Airline Pilot)

“He (Mr. Rizk) has extensive experience in insurance related matters and remains passionate and dedicated in his representation. I fully endorse and recommend him.”

–Randal Acker (Non- affiliated Lawyer)

“Mr. Rizk was assertive, thorough, creative and caring. He helped me through one of the roughest times in my life and in the end I got the benefits and justice I deserved.”

–A.S. (Former Client)

“Richard Rizk is a client’s hope — an honest, non-greedy, and very warm personable lawyer. He definitely knows the methods of powerful insurance firms and how to untie the knots they use to bind claims for no action.”


“The appeal letter is awesome! I recommend you (Richard Rizk) to anyone who has gone up against those big unethical insurance companies that unfairly strip people of their benefits. Thank you so much for your outstanding representation.”

—Sharon Cannady – 2012 Long Term Disability Client