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People, corporations and other entities often commit fraud in an attempt to steal money from the government. It happens so much that it is not possible for the government to know about all of it, which is why whistleblowers serve an important purpose. These are people who are aware of government fraud and they step forward to put a stop to it, putting their careers on the line.

If you are thinking about blowing the whistle on government fraud, you should strongly consider seeking legal representation. The Portland whistleblower lawyers at Rizk Law are prepared to manage the entire legal process on your behalf, no matter what type of government fraud you are blowing the whistle on. We offer our clients a free, no obligation legal consultation to discuss their case and the best path forward. You do not have to pursue legal action, but know that if you do, there will be no fees or costs unless you are compensated. We can not only guide you through the whistleblowing process, we will also fight back if you are retaliated against for bravely coming forward.

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Types of Government Fraud

Below, you can learn more about some of the most common types of government fraud that occur. While there are many types, government fraud is generally defined as the submission of a fraudulent claim to obtain payment from the government.

Some examples of government fraud that can occur in many industries include:

  • Billing the government for a good or service that was never provided
  • Using low-quality or substandard materials to build something
  • Failing to live up to the performance requirements of a contract with the government
  • Non-compliance with sourcing requirements laid out in federal law when you are under contract with the government
  • Making a claim that a product was made in America when that is not true
  • Sending pricing information to the government that is not correct when negotiating a contract, with the goal of obtaining an inflated price on the contract
  • Claiming a company is minority-owned to try to obtain a government contract
  • Billing the government for things that are not actually covered by the government, including costs of selling or marketing

Industries Where Fraud Occurs

These forms of fraud occur in various industries, from health care and federal student loans to defense contracting.

For example, there is widespread fraud with Medicare and Medicaid. Health care providers often try to defraud the government by overcharging, billing for things that were not provided or billing twice for a service that was only provided once. This costs the government billions of dollars each year. The government often does not know the particulars about health care services so this can be easy to do. This is one of the reasons the government depends on whistleblowers in this industry to put a stop to fraud.

The government works with many contractors to help provide for the defense of the country. For example, vehicles used by the military are built by contractors. Unfortunately, contractors do a variety of things to attempt to defraud the government, including providing bribes and kickbacks to secure contracts.

Student loan fraud has become more and more common over the years as more and more students take on debt to finance their college educations. However, colleges have seen how much money the federal government is giving out in loans and some people have decided to use this to their advantage. They might make deceptive statements to try to encourage students to come to their institutions. For example, they might say their institution will make students ready for a career in a certain field, when a small percentage of graduates actually end up working in that field.

Fraud seems to be more likely to occur at for-profit colleges and universities. However, it can occur at any institution if students are taking on loans to pay tuition and other fees.

Fraud can also occur in the energy industry. For instance, oil and gas companies pay royalties to the federal government to explore land owned by the government. However, sometimes companies do not pay the government all the royalties it is owed. These companies often manipulate formulas used to calculate royalty payments to deny the government money.

The government also spends a lot of money on research and development for a variety of departments, from the National Science Foundation and Department of Defense to the National Institutes of Health and Department of Energy. This means organizations are vying for government funding of grants. This can lead to falsifying grant applications, using grant money to cover unauthorized expenses, falsifying research to secure a grant, or falsifying purchase orders.

Putting a stop to these kinds of fraud is just the right thing to do. However, another benefit to blowing the whistle on these types of government fraud is that you could be entitled to a percentage of the recovered funds. If your lawsuit is successful, and the government joins the case, you are entitled to 15 to 25 percent of the funds that are recovered. Without the government on your side, you can recover between 25 and 30 percent of the recovered funds.

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Whistleblowers are an important part of putting a stop to government fraud. However, it is very risky and scary to come forward. Not only do whistleblowers lack thorough knowledge of the legal process, but they also are putting their jobs and careers on the line.

This is why you can greatly benefit from legal representation if you are considering being a whistleblower. Our government fraud attorneys in Portland, Oregon can help put your mind at ease by managing the legal process and pursuing the percentage of recovered funds you may be entitled to. We know how to prove government fraud and gather the evidence we need.

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