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Whistleblowers are very important in the fight against various types of fraud against the government. This is why various laws, such as the False Claims Act, protect whistleblowers without fear of retribution. The False Claims Act also allows whistleblowers to recover compensation – if you prove fraud occurred you may be entitled to a percentage of the recovered funds. If you know about corporate fraud, you should contact a Portland corporate fraud lawyer to discuss being a whistleblower. The attorneys at Rizk Law can pursue the compensation you deserve and fight for your rights if you are retaliated against – retaliation is prohibited by federal law.

Our Portland whistleblower lawyers have strong knowledge of federal laws on corporate fraud and whistleblowers and how to apply that knowledge to your case. We understand the risks you are taking in coming forward and are prepared to provide the representation you deserve. Your consultation is absolutely free, and we do not assess any legal fees unless you are compensated at the end of the legal process.

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What is the Deadline for Filing a Corporate Fraud Lawsuit in Portland, Oregon?

It is never too early to contact a Portland corporate fraud attorney to discuss legal options. The sooner you get in touch with a lawyer, the sooner you can discover your options and the sooner your lawyer can get to work building a strong case.

Another reason that is just as important is there is a deadline for filing a whistleblower lawsuit. Once the deadline passes, you lose your chance to blow the whistle on corporate fraud.

Under the False Claims Act, you have six years from the date fraud occurred to file a lawsuit. Sometimes the deadline is three years from the date the government knew or should have been aware fraud was occurring. However, under no circumstances can a lawsuit be filed more than 10 years from the date fraud occurred.

It is very difficult to determine the deadline that applies to your specific case. This is why meeting with a Portland corporate fraud lawyer can be such a crucial step in the whistleblowing process. The experienced attorneys at Rizk Law know how to ensure claims are filed before deadlines pass.

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What You Should Know About the Legal Process

Every whistleblower lawsuit is filed in the name of the government, whether the government joins the case or not. The case will be under seal for a minimum of 60 days after it is filed, which means the other party will not know about it.

The 60-day period is critical because this is when the government decides whether or not to join your case. If the government joins the lawsuit, it takes over primary responsibility. The government could decide to severely limit your role in what is going on. This means the government could settle or dismiss your claim.

When the government does not join a lawsuit, it is on you to continue the legal process on your own. However, the government could step in at any time and take over.

Once the 60-day period ends, the complaint will be sent to the other party, and it will be given 20 days to respond.

If your corporate fraud lawsuit is successful, and you establish that corporate fraud was committed, you will be entitled to a percentage of the recovered funds. If the government joined your case, you can receive 15 to 25 percent of the funds. Without the government on the lawsuit, you can receive 25 to 30 percent.

The court will determine the percentage you receive, based on how much you contributed to the success of the lawsuit. The more you contribute, the more compensation you are likely to receive.

If you are successful, you are also entitled to attorney fees and legal costs, which will be paid by the other party in the lawsuit.

Our corporate fraud attorneys in Portland, Oregon will work to build a strong case to encourage the government to get on board because that often leads to a favorable outcome. Whether the government gets on board or not, we will fight for your best interests throughout the legal process.

After your lawsuit concludes, we are prepared to defend you if you are retaliated against. This could include getting fired, demoted, transferred, suspended, harassed or denied a promotion. These and other forms of retaliation are prohibited under federal law. If any of these situations occur, we are ready to pursue the relief you deserve.

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Definition of Fraud

Corporate fraud means that people who work at a corporation did things to defraud the government, according to the False Claims Act. The law says anyone who does any of the following things has committed fraud:

  • Knowingly causing a false claim for approval or payment to be presented or actually presenting this claim
  • Consciously making, using or causing a false statement or record to be made or used
  • Conspiring to violate a section of the False Claims Act
  • Delivering less property or money to the government than it is entitled
  • Certifying the receipt of property even though you cannot confirm the document certifying things is accurate
  • Receiving or buying property from someone with the government even though it is illegal to do so
  • Consciously deciding not to pay money or send property to the government
  • Reducing the amount of an obligation to pay the government

To discuss filing a lawsuit over these types of fraud, schedule a free consultation today. Our corporate fraud lawyers in Portland are ready to help.

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What Are Some Examples of Corporate Fraud in Portland?

It can be difficult to know what the violations of the False Claims Act actually mean. It can be helpful to look at examples of corporate fraud that occur to get a better idea of what corporate fraud actually is. If you know about any of the examples of fraud below, contact our corporate fraud attorneys in Portland to determine your legal options.

  • Creating fake records to allow fraudulent payments
  • Creating fake bank accounts to funnel fraudulent payments into
  • Billing the government twice for something
  • Billing the government for a service that was not actually provided
  • Paying the government less than what it is owed
  • Billing the government for things you did not actually use
  • Creating false records if a corporation is supported by the government, such as corporations in the energy sector
  • Keeping it a secret when the government overpays for something
  • Creating false documents that say a contract has been fulfilled, even though it has not
  • Changing information on government checks
  • Creating bills for services that do not actually exist
  • Providing substandard products to the government, which often happens in defense contracting
  • Bribing others to obtain a contract with the government
  • Taking money that was earned through fraud and using it to fund more fraud
  • Overbilling, which is a very common form of fraud involving Medicaid and Medicare
  • Falsifying financial statements to make it seem like an organization is performing better than it actually is
  • Skimming funds before they are recorded in accounting records
  • Claiming imported goods are more valuable than they really are to help reduce tariffs

You have the power to put a stop to these types of fraud. Schedule your free, no obligation consultation today to learn how our corporate fraud attorneys in Portland can help you.

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The legal process is complicated and intimidating for many people. You cannot be expected to make sense of all of the regulations and procedures involving the False Claims Act and filing a whistleblower lawsuit, much less building a case on your own

The corporate fraud lawyers in Portland at Rizk Law know this. We do not want you to have to focus on these things. You have done a lot simply by coming forward. We are prepared to take the next steps and pursue the compensation you deserve.

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