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In this consumer-driven economy we see a variety of products come through the market. We often trust that the manufacturer of a product took proper measures to ensure that the product is effective and safe to use. However, that is not always the case. If a product causes a consumer to suffer an injury or was the leading cause of their death, the product may be defective, and the manufacturer could be held liable. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury from a faulty product, you may be entitled to take legal action against the manufacturer and obtain compensation for your losses. You should know that product liability cases are complex and can be difficult to pursue on your own. Our Gresham product liability lawyers have thorough knowledge of the steps needed to file a product liability case against a manufacturer. We have the resources and knowledge to go up against large corporations who will work hard to avoid liability. Our proven experience has helped many families in Oregon recover fair compensation for their losses.

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Types of Product Defects

There are three types of product defects that could give rise to a product liability claim:

Design Defects

A company can be held liable if there was a foreseeable risk in the design of a product that could potentially cause harm. This type of defect indicates that the entire batch of production may be flawed.  If an individual seeks to prove that there is defect in design that caused them harm, he or she likely must show the following:

  • The design of the product poses a danger for its intended use
  • The company designed the product as intended
  • The risk could have been avoided if the product was designed in a different way
  • The consumer was injured or suffered loss when using the product as intended

Some examples of design defects include:

  • Mechanical defects commonly found in vehicles
  • A product intended for children but posing a risk to children, such as toys that have loose objects that could be choking hazards
  • Poorly designed objects that contain toxic or hazardous substances that could leak out

Marketing Defects

If the manufacturer neglects to add proper warning labels to give notice to potential hazards associated with the use of the product, the company can be held accountable for the injuries their product caused. For example, this could be the case for products that may catch fire if exposed to high temperatures. The manufacturer has an obligation to place clearly-labeled warning signs on the packaging of their product to help users avoid this risk. If a risk is clearly stated on the product, the plaintiff may not receive compensation for his or her injuries.

Defective drug cases often involve allegations of marketing defects and failure to adequately warn patients about the risks and side effects of the drug in question.

Manufacturing Defects

These defects occur when a product is not made to the specifications proposed by the designer. This could occur when the product is improperly assembled or built using low-grade materials.

Common examples of a manufacturing defect include:

  • Installing incorrect or old parts
  • Improperly installing electric circuitry that could lead to electric shock
  • Using the wrong types of bolts or screws on parts that could disassemble

If you have been injured because of a defective product and wish to hold the manufacturer, designer, or distributor accountable, our Gresham product liability lawyers at Rizk Law will carefully investigate the types of product defects that caused you to suffer an injury during a free consultation. We will advocate for your rights to claim compensation for your losses.

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How to Prove a Defective Product Lawsuit

If you suffered injuries or other damages because of a product that you used as it was intended, you can hold the manufacturer accountable if you can prove the following elements:

The Product Defect Caused Your Injury

In order to prove that the product caused your injury, our lawyers will investigate to find clear evidence that shows that your injury was not acquired in any other way. We will likely use medical records and testimony from medical specialists who can explain how your injury was a result of using the defective product.

You Were Injured or Suffered Losses

You will need to show evidence of your injuries. This will include bills and medical records showing your injuries and the treatments received.

The Product is Defective

Our product liability lawyers at Rizk Law can help you try to prove that the product contained a design defect, marketing defect or manufacturing defect. For example, we can analyze warning labels, instructions, the line of products and the manufacturing process to discover where an error may have occurred.

A person filing a product liability case must provide solid evidence in order to prove their claim. Filing a case on your own can take a lot of time and effort and also requires immense knowledge about the laws pertaining to product liability.

Our Gresham product liability attorneys already know how to manage these kinds of claims. We can also fairly evaluate your damages, including pain and suffering, which can be difficult to calculate. We will explain what you can do to assist us throughout the process, such as by continuing treatment or keeping a journal where you describe the pain you are dealing with.

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When to File a Product Liability Case in Gresham, Oregon

In Oregon, there is a two-year statute of limitations for all personal injury cases including product liability cases (ORS § 30.905). This means that the plaintiff has two years from the date of injury, or when the injury was discovered, to file a case against the designer, manufacturer, or distributor of the product that caused injury.

If an individual fails to file a claim before the two-year deadline, the case will likely be dismissed, and they will lose out on the opportunity to recover compensation for their losses.

Collecting evidence for a lawsuit can be time-consuming and take up a lot of crucial time. Our attorneys know exactly how to start looking and can help ensure the case is filed before time runs out.

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