What Insurance Companies Do to Avoid Paying Fair Compensation

Posted on behalf of RizkLaw on Jun 06, 2019 in Insurance Issues

document for insurance policyDo not be fooled by clever commercials and advertising slogans; insurance companies are definitely not out for your best interests. Unfortunately, accident victims may not know this or may believe their experience with the insurance company will be different.

This is why you should try to educate yourself on the tactics insurance companies will use to avoid paying you fair compensation. There are many tricks they will use and ways they will attempt to make you relax and do things that could hurt your chances of recovering fair compensation.

If an insurance company is pressuring you or a loved one after an accident, you should consult with a reputable lawyer for assistance. At Rizk Law, we can explain what the insurance carrier will try to do and how to avoid these pitfalls that can negatively impact your case.

Telling You to Give a Statement

An insurance adjuster often contacts the victim during the recovery period and tries to pressure him or her to give a statement. This professional will claim that the statement about injuries and damages will speed up the case, but this person is trying to get information while the injured party is upset, confused or still trying to get better.

The adjuster is hoping for you to provide:

  • Admission of some amount of fault in the accident
  • Contradictory statements
  • A confusing account
  • Inaccurate timeframes
  • Nonfactual details

Acting Sympathetic

The insurance adjuster may act sympathetic or reassuring to try to make you think he or she is the good guy. He or she may say, “I am on your side,” to get you to provide details about the accident like you would to a friend.

The adjuster will try to develop rapport and trust. Then the adjuster will attempt to get you to agree to a lower settlement. After talking or meeting with you, this professional may even send a check. However, you should not cash it because it will likely be worth far less than you deserve.

Delaying Payment

The carrier may delay offering or sending a payment for as long as possible so that you become desperate for compensation to pay bills because you cannot work from your injuries or because you are unable to get work because your car is not drivable, and you do not have the money you need to repair it. Lack of transportation can also make it difficult to get to doctor appointments.

When you appear desperate enough, the insurance carrier may make a lowball offer and you may be tempted to accept it.

Quickly Offering a Settlement

It is very unlikely that a quick settlement offer will fully compensate the victim for the full value of his or her damages. Quick settlement offers may not account for the following damages:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Full medical coverage, to include future treatment
  • All lost income
  • The decrease in the quality of life

The purpose of the quick settlement offer is to discourage the victim from trying to resolve the situation with a lawyer. A Portland personal injury lawyer lawyer will usually explain that this offer is far below what you should receive.

Misrepresenting Your Policy

The carrier may misrepresent the policy or coverage available for the claim. For example, the carrier may deny that certain coverage is included in the policy, such as uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage or personal injury protection coverage. The insurance adjuster may misrepresent the amount of coverage in particular parts of your policy.

Insurers are hoping you will be ignorant about your policy and the value of your damages. This may lead to you just taking whatever is offered by the insurance company.

Reach Out to a Lawyer Right Away

After an accident, the defendant’s insurance company may contact you during your or a loved one’s recovery and attempt to get information that you are not ready to divulge. This is why it is crucial to have the legal professionals at Rizk Law at your side during this process. We can explain what tactics the insurance carrier will use, what adjusters will say about your policy, and how the other party may misrepresent your statements. Our lawyers will work aggressively to try to ensure your statements are taken correctly and the case progresses fairly.

Contact us today for a free case review either online at our website or over the phone. We work on a contingency fee basis and will not charge you unless we successfully obtain compensation for your claim.