Bullies Not Welcome Here

Posted on behalf of Rizk Law on Mar 27, 2012 in Personal Injury

Every school day for several years one seat was left on the school bus. That seat was next to Craig, the bus bully. Craig tormented me.. over and over . He flicked my ears. He mocked me. He spit and cussed at me again and again and again.

Craig perceived me as the “rich kid” and resented that. Since the bus traveled a few extra blocks to get to my home, Craig was able to convince other kids to hate me too.

One day Craig met his match. An older boy Steve Miller saw what was going on. Steve got in Craig’s face pushed him hard and took him to the bus floor. Craig never messed with me again.

That was 40 some years ago. Last I hear Steve was a pilot for Delta. Craig vanished.

Now a new documentary filmed in 2009 and 2010 captures the lives of five diverse families and how each deals with the fall out of bullying. One child victim of in the film committed suicide after persistent bullying.

Bullies come in many forms. Some are children as in the film. Others are insurers and banks. Some bullies even masquerade as victims.

No one deserves the bully treatment. Bully exposure, compassion for bullying victims and victim vindication are methods I use in my law practice to neutralize bullies.
Recently, a prospective employee asked me, “what motivates you?” At that moment it dawned on me. Bullies drive me toward justice.

I love every moment. Thanks Craig… where ever you are.